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Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh, Gold Burst


Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh, Gold Burst As New !!! Stunning signature model of The Eagles legend, Joe Walsh Experience more depth and resonance in your chords with a semi-hollow construction LittleToaster and SingleTwin Mini pickup duo delivers heaps of tonal flavour Unleash ripples of luxurious vibrato effect courtesy of a…Read More

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Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh, Gold Burst

As New !!!

  • Stunning
    signature model of The Eagles legend, Joe Walsh
  • Experience
    more depth and resonance in your chords with a semi-hollow construction
  • LittleToaster
    and SingleTwin Mini pickup duo delivers heaps of tonal flavour
  • Unleash
    ripples of luxurious vibrato effect courtesy of a responsive Radiator

A life in the fast lane

Joe Walsh is widely regarded as one
of the driving forces behind the success of American rock band, The Eagles.
Joining the band in 1975, Walsh contributed his iconic blues-rock sound to the
legendary ‘Hotel California’ album, which attracted major success and stands to
this day as one of the most influential albums of the decade. His success isn’t
limited to one band though, having played with Barnstorm, Party Boys, and even
Ringo Star in a career spanning more than 50 years. It goes without saying –
he’s a rock ‘n’ roll icon. Which is why Duesenberg have collaborated with the
man himself, to craft this sensational signature model for players to carry his

Stage-ready tone

It’ll leave you astonished. The Joe
Walsh Alliance is expertly-designed with tonal precision in mind. Which is why
it’s loaded with a Duesenberg LittleToaster bridge pickup, and a SingleTwin
Mini in the neck position. Delivering the exquisite treble articulation and a
hot humbucker output, the LittleToaster ensures that your crisp lead lines and
solos can crunch through the mix.

What’s more – the SingleTwin Mini
maintain the distinctive character of a classic single-coil, but with unique
noise-cancelling capabilities that offer superior performance to similar
models. This results in all the snap, bite, and distinctive dynamics you’d
expect, but with exceptional clarity on stage. Whether you’re a clean melodic
player, or love the classic crunch of rock ‘n’ roll – the Alliance is
guaranteed to blow you away with every performance. Versatility is a must for
experienced guitarists, and this stunning pickup combination takes that to
another level. The sky is the limit.

No limits

Artistic freedom. It’s what matters.
So this Duesenberg Joe Walsh was crafted to handle every aspect of professional
performance. Worthy of any hardcore touring musician, the Aliiance was
certainly born for greatness. Here to ignite your performance, and aid you to
excel even further with your individuality, and what you love. The Alliance
stops at nothing to ensure your creative flow is strong and unrestricted. So
dig deep, and unleash.

Perform to your best, night after
night. With a design that was crafted to ignite your persona. At every point in
the manufacturing process, measures have been put in place to ensure a premium,
unmatched feel, and the ultimate playing experience. A
meticulously designed, distinctive D-shaped neck profile ensures that iconic,
immersive Duesenberg feel. So you can always run wild with your fretting. The
Alliance also has an authentic rosewood fingerboard that’s been hand-pleked
with precision. Resulting in that famed silky-smoothness Duesenberg are
renowned for. Fly up and down the neck with accuracy and speed, as this is an
instrument that was birthed to feel right in your hands. Smooth, sleek,
ergonomic. There’s simply nothing quite like the Alliance.

Fuel your performance with luscious vibrato

Let your creativity thrive. It
doesn’t get more impactful than using a whammy bar in performance. Many
legendary artists have used one, making it an essential for any serious player.
And now, you can inject your own creative flair too with a Duesenberg Radiator
Tremola. This is hardware at the pinnacle of quality, and gives you your
smoothest action yet. Whether you’re unleashing screeching dive bombs, giving
your solo that extra kick, or simply decorating your chords with some elegant
shimmer, the Radiator Tremola gives you an even bigger platform
for sonic experimentation. Creating an unforgettable performance, where
inspiration flourishes.

Rock-ready, all the time

A timeless masterpiece. Equipped with
rock-ready hardware. And with such an investment, the hardware has to match its
immersive sonic attitude. So you’re always ready to unleash, with pure peace of
mind. Featuring Duesenberg Z tuners, this Joe Walsh Signature offers precise
pitch with long-lasting effect. It also features a classy Gold Burst finish
complemented by nickel/gold hardware and a gold sparkle pickguard. Giving you
an elegant throwback to 50s and 60s style with a touch of vintage charm.
Perfect for anyone looking for stage presence like no other. It’s simply sumptuous to
gaze upon. And with such a sleek, premium, performance-ready feel. Your journey
will always be seamless with the Starplayer.

Premium protection

It needs a home when not in use. And
an instrument of such individuality needs protecting. Which is why the
Duesenberg Alliance comes with a Custom Line case. Take this head-turning icon
on the road with the peace of mind that it’ll be in pristine condition, every
time you play. The Custom Line Case prevents scratching, scraping, splashing,
or any other damage to your guitar. Making transporting between venues simple,
and stress-free. No worries. No panic. Just the excitement of performance, the
way it should be.


  • Product: Duesenberg Alliance
    Joe Walsh, Gold Burst
  • Code: DAC-JW-GB


  • Type: Semi-hollow with
    Sustain Block, Bent Sides, F-hole
  • Top: Laminated Spruce
  • Back
    & Sides:
    Flamed Maple
  • Body
  • Binding: Cream, 5-layer
  • Colour: Gold Burst

Neck & Fingerboard

  • Neck
  • Neck
  • Fingerboard
  • Fingerboard
  • Fingerboard
    code inlays
  • Number
    of Frets:
  • Fret
  • Nut
  • Scale

Hardware & Electronics

  • Hardware
    & Gold
  • Tuning
    Z-Tuners, “Art Diego” Buttons
  • Bridge: Duesenberg Steel
    Saddle Bridge
  • Tremolo: Duesenberg Radiator
    Tremola (custom golden grill)
  • Pickguard: Gold Sparkle
  • Bridge
  • Neck
    SingleTwin Mini
  • Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
  • Pickup


  • Strings: Duesenberg DSA10
  • Included
    Allen Keys
  • Included
    Line Case





Alliance Joe Walsh, Gold Burst