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VOX MV50 CLEAN GUITAR HEAD AND BC108 CAB SET Brand new boxed and never been opened Please note this is a bundle of the Vox MV50 AC head and the Vox BC108 Cab. The Vox MV50 amps are set to re-invent the wheel with their Nutube technology which has enabled…Read More

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Brand new boxed and never been opened

Please note this is a bundle of the Vox MV50 AC head and the Vox BC108 Cab.

The Vox MV50 amps are set to re-invent the wheel with their Nutube technology which has enabled to put 50w of power into this tiny amp head that weighs the same as a bag of sugar. Only 500g!


Well the amp has some very clever technology behind it to enable it to provide tube-like sounds without using big preamp tubes like the standard 12AX7.

The analogue preamp section has the Nutube technology which uses a very small vacuum tube to give you the same dynamic response as a tube amp without the hassle that comes with a bigger tube amp.

The small vacuum tube creates the same harmonic overtones as a standard tube amp but without taking up the same real estate internally.

There are 3 amps available in the range to suit different players:

  • Clean: The Clean model provides a natural, undistorted tone to give you a lot of headroom. This amp will work very well with pedals, give you a clean platform to use your own distortions and drives.
  • AC: You guessed it. The famous Vox AC tone in a small box. That classic chime and distinctive crunch.
  • Rock: High-gain aggressive tones.

These amps have got a few output options with cab sim for practice withheadphones or line out recording as well as the option to run it into a 4,8 or 16 ohm cab. Or you can use it as a pwoer-amp for amp sim pedalboards like the Line 6 Helix if you need to power an onstage cab for monitoring.

Here’s what Vox say about the MV50 & BC108 Set

Founded in 1957, VOX has designed a number of unique and innovative products, including the iconic AC30. Making its debut in the 60th anniversary year of VOX, the MV50 is a revolutionary amp that is destined to be remembered amongst VOX’s most inventive products. It’s so compact that at first glance it looks like an accessory, and its sophisticated appearance could earn it a place as interior décor, yet the sound it produces is monstrous. Rest assured, in this small package lies analog circuitry, including revolutionary Nutube technology for incredible, authentic tube amp tone.

  • Only 500 grams (1.1lbs)! An ultra-compact amp head that you can easily carry in one hand
  • Monstrous sound with 50W of output power, all in an unbelievable size
  • Equipped with an analog preamp driven by Nutube, the new vacuum tube that shrinks the size of conventional tubes, but retains the tone
  • Three distinct amplifier voices are offered: Clean, AC, and Rock
  • MV50’s circuit design was meticulously crafted to closely resemble classic analog circuitry
  • Equipped with a Class D power amp for quiet, efficient and reliable performance
  • EQ Switch adds or cuts low-end for pairing with a variety of cabinets
  • Line/headphone out with cabinet emulation for direct recording or performance
  • Retro-chic design with a mirror-finish front and VU meter
  • An ideal match with VOX’s new speaker cabinets, the BC108 and BC112

​MV50 is a truly innovative approach to amplification.

Don’t be fooled by its size and looks, the MV50 is a new concept in guitar amplification. Boasting 50W of power, the MV50 produces serious guitar sound that rivals conventional tube amps. With the MV50 you can harness the sound of a true tube amp at home, in the studio, or on the stage.

Preamp driven by Nutube, the revolutionary new vacuum tube.

Nutube is a revolutionary new vacuum tube that has been met with much acclaim and adoration since its introduction in 2015. The MV50’s unique analog preamp design incorporates the Nutube to achieve authentic tube amp tone. Our engineers took full advantage of this incredible new tube technology to design a true, low power, low voltage miniature amplifier. While we may have shrunken the size of an amplifier, rest assured that true tube amplifier sound is alive in well.

A design philosophy with an obsessive insistence on analog

The MV50’s circuit was designed with an emphasis on analog and uses discrete components throughout its construction. Starting with the Nutube, all circuits consist of a staggering number of analog components. The MV50 also incorporates specially designed circuits with a variable operating point in order to more accurately reproduce the dynamic character of a traditional tube amp. The result of this unique circuit design is genuine guitar tone reminiscent of the great tube amps of the past. .

MV50’s power amp design reproduces the dynamics and feel of a classic tube amp

The MV50 features a quiet, reliable and efficient class D power amp. Specifically designed to interact with the unique circuit of the MV50, this power amp faithfully amplifies the character of the vacuum tube sound that’s generated by the Nutube equipped pre-amp circuit. In addition, the power amp design of “AC30” and “Rock” models will even reproduce the varying load that is distinctive of vacuum tube power amps. This circuit is crucial to the dynamic character of a vacuum tube amp, and is responsible for the natural sounding overdrive, its sensitivity to the nuances of your picking, and its fast response.

The MV50 retains this design philosophy and provides an authentic playing experience. On the “Clean” type only, we’ve omitted this circuit in order to increase headroom, reduce distortion and supply the ultimate in clean sound.

EQ switch ensures optimal sound for the size of your cabinet

When using a smaller sized cabinet, your tone tends to suffer from the loss of low-end and accentuation of high frequencies. When connected it to a small-sized cabinet, such as VOX’s new BC108, you can set the EQ switch to DEEP mode to retain a rich low-frequency range and prevent the high frequencies from taking becoming too pronounced. To accommodate connecting a large speaker cabinet, such as a conventional cabinet containing four 12-inch speakers, we’ve also provided a FLAT mode for the EQ switch. This gives you sound that takes full advantage of the characteristics of your speaker cabinet without impairing the MV50’s potential.

Cabinet simulator is ideal for direct recording

Since the MV50 also provides line/headphone output, it can be connected directly to a mixer or audio interface, allowing it to be used as a recording amp. The MV50 also features a cabinet simulator circuit that accurately reproduces the characteristics of a cabinet and the air it moves. Our cabinet simulation was based on the techniques of experienced engineers using highly regarded microphones and the most coveted vintage mic pre-amps, which means you can record with serious studio sound in any environment.