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Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-Effects Pedal


Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-Effects Pedal Boxed and in mint condition with Velcro on the back Key Features Over 60 built-in effects and 13 classic amp models for endless tonal possibilities Use up to five effects at the same time and chain them together in any order Built-in Looper records CD-quality…Read More

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Zoom G1 FOUR
Multi-Effects Pedal

Boxed and in
mint condition with Velcro on the back

Key Features

  • Over
    60 built-in effects and 13 classic amp models for endless tonal
  • Use
    up to five effects at the same time and chain them together in any order
  • Built-in
    Looper records CD-quality audio with seamless start and end times
  • Integrated
    chromatic tuner supports standard tuning plus a range of open/drop tunings
  • Create
    and store your own patches with 50 memory locations for saving and

Full Description

Endless Possibilities with Countless Sonic Combinations

Make the stage your own. With the
Zoom G1 FOUR Multi-Effects Pedal, you can take advantage of over 60 effects
with both traditional and boutique bloodlines. Everything from distortion and
drive to ring-modulation and even sitar simulation. The G1 FOUR puts you in
control with an almost endless list of capabilities.

As well as a vast collection of
effects, the G1 FOUR gives you 13 classic amplifier and cabinet simulations to
give you that huge stage sound no matter where you are. From bell-like cleans
to searing leads, these simulations are precise recreations based on the
legendary tones of leading amplifier designs.

You can also make use of an
integrated Looper, giving you the ability to record up to 30-seconds/64-beats
of playing to create exciting and dynamic multi-part arrangements. The Looper
is activated using the dedicated button, whilst the REC/PLAY footswitch handles
recording and playback, with the STOP footswitch to cancel both. You can
overdub your loops with ease by simply pressing the REC/PLAY switch during
playback. You can also use the G1 FOUR’s 68 built-in rhythm patterns with the
Looper, giving you a diverse range of sonic possibilities with different time
signature choices.

Intuitive Operation

Intelligently designed with powerful
features. The G1 FOUR features an incredibly-useful Auto-Save function. This
instantly backs up your patches and level settings, meaning you’ll never lose
the sound you’re working on. Plus, two performance modes provide seamless
sound-switching when you’re performing. The PRESELECT mode lets you jump
between patches without affecting the patch you’re currently playing, whilst
the STOMP mode allows you to activate or bypass individual effects with a tap
of your foot. And when you want to use your G1 FOUR on your desktop, the
ergonomic control panel design allows you to dial in tones and adjust settings
with precision, perfect for studio and computer-based use.

Experiment and Create with Zoom Guitar Lab

Get more out of your pedal. With the
free Zoom Guitar Lab software, you have instant access to an ever-expanding
collection of artist patches, effects, and more. Guitar Lab gives you the
ability to manage and backup all of your patches, and create new patches with
an endless amount of effect combinations. You can even load new effects or
delete old effects from your device, letting you customise your pedal to suit
your needs.

Versatile Power Options

You can power your G1 FOUR with one
of three ways. Using a Zoom AD-16 AC power adapter (not included), with four
AA-size batteries, or via USB bus power. When using batteries, the G1 FOUR can
be used for up to 18 hours with standard alkaline cells (with the backlit LCD
switched off), giving you plenty of time to create and perform before having to
change them out. The USB port removes the need for both batteries or an AC
power adapter, and provides simple connectivity to your Zoom Guitar Lab
software, as well as being used for firmware updates.

In the Box

  • G1
    FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
  • 4 x
    AA Batteries
  • Patch
  • Quick


  • Over
    60 built-in effects and 13 amplifier models for simulating classic rigs
  • Up
    to 5 effects can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order
  • Integrated
    Looper for recording up to 30-seconds/64-beats of CD-quality audio with
    seamless start and end times
  • ZOOM
    Guitar Lab Software for creating, editing, and managing effects and
  • 68
    built-in rhythm patterns which can be used in conjunction with the Looper
  • 50
    memory locations for storing user-created patches
  • Auto-Save
    function for automatic saving of all patch parameters
  • Onboard
    chromatic tuner supports all standard guitar tunings, including open and
    drop tunings
  • Input
    jack accepts standard mono guitar cable (both active and passive
    instruments supported)
  • Auxiliary
    input jack for connection of personal music players
  • Output
    jack for connection to your amp or headphones
  • Runs
    of 4 x AA batteries, with a potential battery life of 18 hours with
    alkaline batteries
  • USB
    port for firmware updates, power, and connection to ZOOM guitar lab


  • Maximum
    Number of Simultaneous Effects:
  • User
  • Sampling
  • A/D
    128x oversampling
  • D/A
    128x oversampling
  • Signal
  • Display: 128×32 dot matrix LCD
  • Input: Standard 1/4” mono
    • Rated
      Input Level:
    • Input
      k Ohms
  • Aux
    • Rated
      Input Level:
    • Input
      k Ohm
  • Output: Standard 1/4” stereo
    • Maximum
      Output Level:
      +2dBu (10 k Ohms or more output impedance)
    • Headphones: 17mW + 17mW (32 Ohm
  • Input
  • Noise
    (residual noise)
  • Power
    AC Adapter:
    DC 500mA centre-negative (ZOOM AD-16)
  • Batteries: 4 x AA (approximately
    18 hours of continuous operation time when using alkaline batteries with
    the LCD backlight off)
  • USB
  • USB
    • USB
    • Can
      be powered via USB
  • Dimensions: 156mm x 130mm x 42mm
    (D x W x H)
  • Weight: 340g (excluding





G1 FOUR Multi-Effects Pedal